Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Develop an effective stress management

If you are living a life with high stress then you putting yourself in a problem. if life is full of stress it will cause our emotional thinking as we are unable to think clearly which will leads to bad health and bad temper. In order to develop an effective stress management programme it is first necessary to identify the factors that cause stress and the goal to it, is to bring our mind and body back into balance by adopting a positive attitude thinking and living a healthy life by exercise and meditation.

The cause of stress that most people cannot forget and harbor it very serious for a long time is the departure of a very love one who is no more in this world very suddenly. The work load of their jobs and the break up with their lovers or their sponge.

There are several ways of coping with stress. Some techniques of time management may help a person to control stress is to put your mind back by thinking in a positive ways. Exercises helps us to release our tension thus release our stress, Meditation to clear our mind and thought, having fresh air if you feel tired, relax and listening to soft music.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

To mange stress we must have time management and planning

Everyone experience stress at least a numbers of times in their live time. Stress is somethings that our body experience the wear and tear and has a physical and emotional effects on us which can create into positive and negative feeling. But most people experience negative stress due to many reason such as over works, death of love one, just quarrel from your wife, parents or your got scolding from the boss which result in feeling depression, feeling rejection and lost of temper, which in turn can lead to health problems such as heart disease, stroke, headaches, insomnia and high blood pressure.

In order to escape stress we must know how to manage stress and not let stress stay too long in ourself. The few things to manage stress is to have a time management and planning which we can be avoided stress if we had our planning ahead rather things to happen in last minutes. Put a side a hour or two for exercises. Daily yoga exercise can calm the mind and relax the body. Listening to soft and sentimental music which can relax our mind. Watch comedy or laughter picture or even cartoon picture which can decreases stress hormone and allows our mind to return to normal. Meditation are said to be the most effective ways of releasing stress in our body and besides it free our minds from evils and negative thinking and change it into positive thinking.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Symptoms of stress can be identify

In order to have an effective stress management a person had to first identify the factors that are central to a person controlling their stress. As stress is part of a day to day living. Stress can happen in any place, such as school, college, working and living environment. Some stress can be good, while some are not harmful if it is a mild form of stress. However, if your stress level is too high, medical and social problems can result.

Symptoms of stress can be identify
as there are several sign that a person can experience stress or notice the sign of stress. Most of the stress a person experience are feeling scared, anxious, moody and irritable. Always had thoughts of failure in their jobs or things their do, Worrying about themselves and its future or their family and its jobs or business, having low self-esteem and easily feeling shy or embarrassing. Having loads of works in working place and at home. To reduce stress a person had to change their life style, delicates not important works to the bottom line, make time for exercise and entertainment. Relax and listen to soft music.


Friday, December 07, 2007

Yoga practiced one way of prevention stress

Yoga exercise is one of the best ways to reduced stress, as most people don't realise that are suffering from stress until there find they are very stressful. Today we are living in a world of a fast paced and everythings we do must in a fast ways inorder to survived. Thus stress has become every way of life that we are living and can easily build up to emotional and physical exhaustion. So prevention is the best way to keep stress from affecting our well being, and the effective methods is to practice yoga to release stress.

Yoga exercise is practice by the Indian people very long time ago and its said to brings our mind, body and our spirits together and yoga excerise has a lots of benefits, from stress management and physical wellbeing to spirtual transformation. Yoga practice has evolved into difference forms and helps ones emotions to remained the same and besides it is one of the best nenefits for physical health.Yoga practice has alots of its benefits such as meditation, maintaining postures, stretching and controling our breathing. Yoga practiced helps us from aging, stress and get rids of allergy.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Manageing stress in work place

Stress always happen in work place due to pressure from your superior or because of workloads. Most stress in work place are always comes from accepting a promotion and this can be consider a good stress if you know how to manage your stress. Accepting a promotion means increament in pays and title but you can also expect more works and responsibility.

I had a friend before accepting a promotion he had many times with his family and friends and always a happy guys with a smiling face, after accepting this promotion everythings start to change after a month or two. He will always comes home very late because he could not finish the workloads in time for his boss. Most of the time will missed one meals and sometimes you will hear him yelling at his staff for a small things in his office. His happy face is gone and most of the time you will see stress face and also consider of resigning from his present post.

Since everyone knows he is a good person and will be a good leader in future, we advice him to withdraw his resignation and will work as teams with him if he could let us share his problems. Now he had many times to spare and had times to join us for lunch as most of his not very important works are share among all his down line.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

The best method of stress management is exercises

The cause of stress can leads to many illness such as headache, stroke, insomnia, high blood pressure and heart disease if it is not well manage. Stress most happen to most people are cause by death of love one, job promotions, the birth of a child and also a break up with your parners or a divorce as stress is known to be wear and tear of our body that we had to experience and also had to adjust to enviroment changing.

It has been found that most illness is related to unrelieved stress. If you are experiencing stress symptoms, you have gone beyond your optimal stress level, you need to reduce the stress in your life and or improve your ability to manage it. Stress will help or hinder us depending on how we react to it. Exercise in the morning and in the evening like jogging, swimming, walking and cycling is one way to released stress.

Others methods of stress management and are very popular with most people are yoga exercise and rhythmic exercise. Had a well balance nutrition diets, sleeping early and wake up early, listen to soft music and seeing happier movies and maintain your ideal weight. Break up your work loads, the less important to your junior and mix leisure with work.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A negative stress is bad for health

A negative stress can be a result to depression, anger, distrust and rejection and leads to health problems such as heart disease, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure or stroke. A bad stress was occur with the death of someone very near to you or someone you love or fond. Birth of a child, broken relationship and job promotion with works loads. So don't let stress ruin our lives, we must readjust our lives and live a life of positive stress.

There are many ways where we can elininate bad stress for instance if is in job site, try to get your subborninate to attend or do works that are not very important to the company. Don't waste time and wait for last minutes to do your important things. Stress can be elininate by doing exercises, yoga exercise claim to reduce stress. Listening to soft music, watching happy or comedy movies and try to relax your mind and body and eat a well balance nutrition meals.


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