Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Develop an effective stress management

If you are living a life with high stress then you putting yourself in a problem. if life is full of stress it will cause our emotional thinking as we are unable to think clearly which will leads to bad health and bad temper. In order to develop an effective stress management programme it is first necessary to identify the factors that cause stress and the goal to it, is to bring our mind and body back into balance by adopting a positive attitude thinking and living a healthy life by exercise and meditation.

The cause of stress that most people cannot forget and harbor it very serious for a long time is the departure of a very love one who is no more in this world very suddenly. The work load of their jobs and the break up with their lovers or their sponge.

There are several ways of coping with stress. Some techniques of time management may help a person to control stress is to put your mind back by thinking in a positive ways. Exercises helps us to release our tension thus release our stress, Meditation to clear our mind and thought, having fresh air if you feel tired, relax and listening to soft music.


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