Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Manageing stress in work place

Stress always happen in work place due to pressure from your superior or because of workloads. Most stress in work place are always comes from accepting a promotion and this can be consider a good stress if you know how to manage your stress. Accepting a promotion means increament in pays and title but you can also expect more works and responsibility.

I had a friend before accepting a promotion he had many times with his family and friends and always a happy guys with a smiling face, after accepting this promotion everythings start to change after a month or two. He will always comes home very late because he could not finish the workloads in time for his boss. Most of the time will missed one meals and sometimes you will hear him yelling at his staff for a small things in his office. His happy face is gone and most of the time you will see stress face and also consider of resigning from his present post.

Since everyone knows he is a good person and will be a good leader in future, we advice him to withdraw his resignation and will work as teams with him if he could let us share his problems. Now he had many times to spare and had times to join us for lunch as most of his not very important works are share among all his down line.


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