Sunday, February 04, 2007

Stress management within ourself

Stress is sometimes that we bring in by ourself, never control our finance, not have enought of sleep, losing your temper very quickly when listen to on one side story without investicating, poor time management and poor management at home.

I had a leader working in the same small company who has a good heart but always lost his temper for a simple things and who ever reports to him first will always win. Always try to push his works to his staff as his time is always wasted in phone calls. The conversation of his call is always soccer betting, horse betting or loan shark chasing. After works he will go to his gamble den to play manjong or cards until early morning only a few hours of sleep and limited time with his family.

His stress became very heavy as he had no time for his job as loan shark keep chasing after him at working place and always feel very tired when turns up for works. Even the boss go after, I presume his jobs was not done and our sales keep going down. Lastly he was sacked from the company. Ego and habit of gambling has cause him problem in stress management.


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