Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ways to management of stress

In life everyone had to go through stress, feeling stress at working place beause of the works loads given by the company or your superior or at home having to do the household works or looking up the small children. Before you think about managing the stress, you need to understand the cause of your stress and how to minimized or how to management of stress and free from stress.

If stress happened in works place because of the work load, try not to waste to much time in talking or doing unnecessary things. Passed some works to your junior or your bottom line which you think it is not very important to the company. If stress happened at home try to solve it with your partners, as discussion and suggestion can help to manage stress.

Things to manage stress is by relaxation, exercises or listen to soft music when you feel very tired or even a short nap can help you overcome stress. Other stress management techniques, a night out with your friends for comedy pictures, a group chat or even a slow walk along the seaside.


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