Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Over stress cause problems

Cause of stress can comes in many ways in our daily life. Some of our stress can be very obvious with extra work loads, your parners asking for a divoice or break up with your lover.

I had a very bad experince in my life. Working in a big restaurant catering western food and local cuisine in Malaysia. The capacity of the place can go in 200 custombers with about 120 tables. Having a full house inside and a long queue outside waiting for their turn to get a table beside that three of staff did not turn up for works only left 7 staff including me to handle with the over capacity.
Begin a leaders, had a quarrel with my wife, had only two hours of sleep searching for my missing kids and is 3pm not having my lunch yet and not the change to have a glass of water. Stress can cause you to loose your temper where there is a angry or impatient customber. Learn my lesson have a rest if you feel you are over stress.

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